Penrith piranhas 

diddy league team

Diddy League is a team gala, for ages 9-11 yrs against other Cumbrian Swimming Club. The Club's team manager will select a team prior to the first meet. All swimmers that have been selected will notified prior to the meet. Upcoming Diddy League fixtures can be found in the Club Calendar section

Diddy League Rules

Remember, for parents wishing to spectate there is £3 fee at the swimming pool.

For Diddy League you will need:

  • Penrith Swimming Club kit i.e. shorts, t-shirt (please put your name in your kit)
  • A drink for poolside
  • Racing goggles and spares
  • Penrith Swimming Club Swim Hat
  • Snacks like dried fruit, mixed nuts are great for poolside
  • No phones, iPads or computer games are allowed on poolside
  • A big voice for cheering