06 May 2018

Water Polo Match Report: Carlisle v Penrith

Match 1: Penrith Piranhas 3 V 2 Carlisle Blues
Match 2: Penrith Penguins 1 V 1 Carlisle Blacks
Match 3: Penrith Penguins 2 V 1 Carlisle Blues
Match 4: Penrith Piranhas 0 V 1 Carlisle Blacks
Match 5: Penrith 2 V 2 Carlisle

Water Polo is renowned as a very physical game and we certainly lived up to this tradition. The players never doubted themselves; instead delivering the most hellish, mouth-watering games of Water Polo to ever scorch the surface of the earth.

Match 5 saw all swimmers from both Penrith & Carlisle play in 'all in' match. As soon as the game started, it became clear that Carlisle wanted to play a rough game. An early goal for Carlisle didn't leave Penrith feeling depleted. Some great pressing, outfield blocking and great communication allowed Emily Hetherington to score a fantastic close range goal; bringing the score line to 1-1. After another goal for Carlisle; Luke Brown kept the game spicy with a shocker of a long range goal that even made the shooters from Carlisle gape in awe. The game finished 2-2.

All in all, it was a great success and everyone from both Penrith Swimming Club & Carlisle Aquatics should be super proud. The games were strong combined with furious, blasting energy, precision and thoughtfullness.

Thanks must go to Myles & Sarah from Carlisle Aquatics for arranging the fixture. Some recognition must go to the parents from Carlisle Aquatics for another night in a hot, sweaty pool because without them the whole fixture would not be possible.

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