Diving into the new swimming season, Penrith Swimming Club’s Junior Water Polo teams looked to repeat the outcomes of their first fixture against Carlisle, which was held at Penrith Leisure Centre on 6th May. Penrith travelled to The Pools in Carlisle to face the Carlisle Aquatic Water Polo teams on 2nd September.

The 11 & under team were up first. Playing in a round robin tournament against the two other Carlisle sides. In the first game against Carlisle Whites; quick passing between Rosa & Penny Henderson enabled Caitlin Padgett to score a hat trick which led Penrith to a 7-2 win. The second game against Carlisle Blacks; a strong attack by Archie Harding and Annabelle Haughan set Penrith up well. A clean sheet in goal by Charlie Hall made the score line 5-0 to Penrith. The third game was an all Carlisle affair with Carlisle Whites defeating Carlisle Blacks 5-3. The final game for the 11 & under sides was a gruelling grudge match – Penrith V Carlisle in which Penrith was victorious 4-1

For the 12 & over match: as soon as the game started, it became clear that Carlisle wanted to play a rough game and were getting rowdy. However, a strong set-up by Penrith meant that our skill triumphed the ball-crushing physicality they tried to impose. Some strong pressing, outfield blocking and great communication meant that their signature far out shots rarely converted into goals. Fitness became our strength as we bolted up and down the pool, with constant rotation of players meaning everyone was at full intensity whilst in the water.

The solid Penrith defence meant we were behind by only a very narrow margin in the first quarter, and Kes Fountain knew he needed to step in. Ellie Smith gave a fantastic performance of solid deliveries and plays. With some great pressing by Saskia Todd and a goal from Charlie Harding, we started leading. Nathan Ellwood kept the game spicy with some amazing saves.

Aggressive tackling from Molly Hale and Sarah Hale set Tom Hill up to score two fantastic goals. Luke Brown capitalised on a shocking mistake from the Carlisle goalkeeper that made the Carlisle players gape in awe. Other Penrith goals came from Jonny Martin, Nathan Ellwood and Sarah Lightowler.

By the final minute, we were tied at 8-8 and it became a gruelling battle to see who could score a game-winning goal. However, some impressive keeping at the Carlisle end meant it was not to be for Penrith. With speedster Emily Ellwood tearing down the pool attempting to stop the final Carlisle attack. Unfortunately Carlisle clinched the final goal in the dying seconds making the final score 8-9.

All in all, it was a great success and everyone should be super proud. The games were strong as we combined a furious, blasting energy with calculating precision and thoughtfulness. Thanks must go to everyone involved. To find out more about Penrith Swimming Club visit penrithswimmingclub.co.uk



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