PENRITH Swimming Club’s annual championships took place over three weekends, with the trophies being awarded at the presentation night.

Family and friends cheered on swimmers aged five and over as they took part in races across various strokes and distances.

Heats for each session were drawn up and races began with the 25m events for the boys and girls aged eight and under. These younger swimmers took part in freestyle and backstroke, and the eight-year-olds were able to compete in breaststroke races.

Winners were: 7 years, girls’ overall trophy Lexi Fowles, boys Jared Kelly, 8 years, girls Caitlin Padgett, boys Adie Todd.

Swimmers aged nine and 10 competed in 50m freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly and 100m individual medley events.

Winners were: 9 years, girls Evie McKeown, boys Harry Ewbank. 10 years, girls overall and 50m freestyle Beth Cowperthwaite, boys overall and 50m freestyle Isaac Murray.

Those aged 11 and over took part in 50m and 100m distances in all strokes, the 200 individual medley, the 200m freestyle and the 400m freestyle.

Winners were: 11-12 years, girls overall Niamh Brenan, girls overall sprint Ellie Lloyds and Niamh Brenan. Boys overall and overall sprint Charlie Harding. 13-14 years girls overall and overall sprint Emily Ellwood. Boys overall and overall sprint Kes Fountain, 15 years and over, girls 50m, 100m, 200m freestyle, 200 individual medley and overall Caitlin Poulson, 15 and over girls overall sprint Rebecca Titterington and Caitlin Poulson. Boys 50m, 100m, 400m freestyle and most points in an ASA competition Jake Fabi, boys overall Luke Brown, boys overall sprint Luke Brown and Jake Fabi.

Awards were also presented to Ellie Lloyds, most improved swimmer; Nathan Ellwood and Ella Horne, significant effort in the Diddy League team; and Kes Fountain, Abby Hirst, Gemma O’Dowd and Sienna Parker, best attitude.

The presentation night was a great opportunity for swimmers to receive their awards and to thank the volunteers who help run the club.

Swimmers have also competed at various other galas in the past couple of months, travelling to Liverpool, Sunderland, Bolton, Carlisle and even battling through the recent adverse weather to Copeland.

The biggest event saw Jake Fabi and Caitlin Poulson take part into the North West Regional Winter Championships in Liverpool. Both had a good gala, with Jake second in the 400m individual medley and making several finals

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