A SUCCESSFUL year of competition at home and away in 2007 culminated in the final event of the Penrith Swimming Club calendar, the club championships.

Incorporating three events, all club members competed for sought-aftertrophies, medals and titles.

Winners were: 7 years overall, girls Lois Turner. Boys Elliot Bulman. 8 years, girls Megan Verehoose. Boys Alistair Jeal. 9 years, girls Rebecca Titterington. Boys Joe Banks.

10 years, girls Ellen Jones. Boys Cameron Reid and Robbie Hebson. 11-12, girls Bethany Titterington. Boys Alastair Weymouth and Cameron Jeal. 13-14, girls Kim Berry. Boys Adam Huggon. Ladies Laura Huggon. Men Mark Nixon.

Trophies awarded in individual events: Under-16 50m freestyle, girls Laura Huggon. Boys Jay Balmer. 10 years 50m freestyle, girls Ellen Jones. Boys Cameron Reid. 11-12 sprint, girls Jenny Mather. Boys Cameron Jeal. 13-14 sprint, girls Jodi Hebson and Kim Berry. Boys Jay Balmer and Adam Huggon.

100m freestyle, ladies Laura Huggon. Men Mark Nixon. 200m freestyle, ladies Laura Huggon. 400m freestyle, men Mark Nixon. Ladies’ sprint Laura Huggon. Men’s sprint Mark Nixon.

Most points in ASA age groupcompetitions Laura Huggon. Most improved swimmer Joe Banks. Secondary school 4x50m freestyle relay, girls Queen Elizabeth Grammar School. Boys Queen Elizabeth Grammar School.

RIGHT: Celebrating their success are some of the swimming club members with their trophies and medals.

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