14 Sep 2020

Swimming Coaches are passionate souls who live for the opportunity to work with like minded swimmers
and families intent on achieving success and enjoying involvement in a great sport.
Swimming Coaches want to change lives – swimming is just the avenue. Great Swimming Coaches posses the
communication skills, empathy and compassion to change people – they just chose to use
swimming as the vehicle to do it.

You, your child and your Swimming Coach form a team. A team with a single goal – to provide the
opportunity for your child to enjoy all the sport of swimming has to offer.
And as with any team, achieving this goal is dependent on all members of the team working
cohesively, honestly and with unconditional trust.

Choose your Swimming Coach carefully. Meet with them. Talk with them. Regularly communicate with them
Entrust them with the development of your child, give your Swimming Coach 100% total
commitment, dedication and support. If you can’t…find another Swimming Coach. Partial support will not
withstand the ups and downs of learning to swim. 100% committed support – the same
support you give your child and the same 100% committed support you want FROM the Swimming Coach
must also given by you TO the Swimming Coach.

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