THE first round of the Penrith Swimming Club championship saw a packed program of highly competitive events featuring members aged from seven upwards. Winners were:

100m butterfly, ladies Naomi Smith, 1.26.02. Men Danny Smith, 1.10.56. 100m freestyle, ladies (Frenchfield Shield) Naomi Smith, 1.12.25. Men (Ian Powley Cup) Jon Fletcher, 1.00.13.

Ladies’ and girls’ 11+ 50m backstroke sprint Laura Huggon, 36.9. Men and boys Colin Slee, 32.17.

25m backstroke, 7 years, boys Aaron Wharton, 25.78. 25m breaststroke, 8 years, girls Georgie Harris, 29.09. Boys Ben Lydon, 32.93.

25m backstroke, 9 years, girls Sophie Bradbury, 20.78. Boys Aaron Pamphillon, 23.00. 25m butterfly, 10 years, girls Amy Furness, 42.72. Boys Martin Heath, 48.4.

50m freestyle, 10 years, girls (Ted Davis Cup) Amy Furness, 36.37. Boys (Frenchfield Cup) Martin Heath, 38.83.

100m backstroke, 11-12 years, girls Laura Huggon, 1.24.40. Boys Allan Armstrong, 1.23.49.

4x50m individual medley, 11-12 years, girls Laura Huggon, 3.12.54. Boys Allan Armstrong, 3.00.08.

100m breaststroke, 13-14 years, girls Naomi Smith, 1.36.32. Boys Jason Heath, 1.33.64.

The Marsh Cup Penrith Queen Elizabeth Grammar school, 2.15.10

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